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The most frequently asked questions and answers.

The 1st contact we meet is free of charge. Then depending on your needs we design your individual personalized program which usually consists of a series of 3-5 sessions. So the price is adjusted to the individual.

Yes. We conduct individual counselling sessions via Zoom Skype, Viber or phone call. LeadCompass is the 1st online career counseling agency in Greece specializing in remote sessions.

Yes, we help with CV creation and interview preparation.

LeadCompass is not a recruitment agency. Our goal is to give our clients all the necessary tools (Resume, LinkedIn, Cover Letter, Interview, Counseling) to prepare them to pursue the career they desire. However, due to the large network we have in all business sectors, we make sure to promote to employers candidates that we have prepared. There is no extra charge for our clients.

1. They are interactive and have practical exercises to help you gain the knowledge you need.
2. They are offered at affordable prices to be accessible to all.
3. They have no geographical or temporal limitation. You can watch them at any time, wherever you are, according to your schedule.
4. We have a dedicated team of consultants and technical support for any questions that may arise during monitoring.

You will have access forever. There is no expiration date.

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