Takis Skondrogiannis



hotel manager


30+ years


Change of Branch &


I was unemployed due to COVID and at the same time I was not getting any response to the advertisements I was sending my CV. So, I decided to turn to an expert to get it done.

How we helped

I wanted to keep my position as a hotel manager in order to work in larger and more organized companies that are leaders in the industry. I approached Leadcompass after doing research to make my CV and my presence on linkedin more attractive.
Find out how you too can

get a competitive resume!

Find out how you too can

get a competitive LinkedIn profile!

What we achieved

Leadcompass put together an attractive CV with which I was able to get several interviews and, combined with my previous experience in the industry, I was able to more easily find a job with the pay and conditions I wanted.
Linkedin Recommendation:  "I decided in 2020 due to the difficult situation and the unemployment in my sector (hotel industry) to use an expert for my CV and my LinkedIn profile. After long search I choose to co operate with Mr. Korvesis Markos and his company Along with the services regarding my CV and my LinkedIn profile I asked mr. Korvesis to create a cover letter for me. Everything was ready on time including all the advices from Mr. Korvesis regarding my LinkedIn profile and my research for a new job. The cost was extremely reasonable according to what he is offering. After one year Mr. Korvesis was there to help me update my profile. He is extremely professional on what he is doing and I have already recommended him to friends that they wanted his services. Thank you very much for your services."

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