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Interview guide leadcompass ebook - ebooks

Interview Guide: Comprehensive preparation to win the job

It took us over 8 years of research in hundreds of companies and preparation of thousands of candidates to bring you the most up-to-date and complete interview preparation guide for Greece and abroad!

15 Tips to get hired faster ebook leadcompass min - ebooks

15 Tips to get hired faster

Small but important career tips to help you find a job. There are a few "secrets" that if you apply them, you'll get employers to hire you faster.

LeadCompass ebook detailed career change guide -

Career Change Guide

Want to change careers? In this guide you will find all the steps you need to complete to successfully transition to a new career.

LeadCompass ebook employer question guide -

Employer's Question Guide

Knowledge is having the right answers. Intelligence is asking the right questions. In the guide you will find 40 suggested questions to ask an employer.

LeadCompass ebook hacking tips for public speaking - ebooks

Hacking Tips for Public Speaking (Public Speaking)

We all have anxiety when speaking in front of an audience, but how do we manage to deal with it and apply techniques that will make a difference in our next presentation?

LeadCompass ebook Preparation guide for career days -

Preparation Guide for Career Days

Follow our guide to get the most out of these events and claim the job you want

LeadCompass ebook building my personal brand - ebooks

How to build your personal brand

Do you want to build your personal Brand? In this guide you will find the tools you need to strengthen your Professional Identity!

LeadCompass ebook how to earn money online - ebooks

How to make money online

Do you want to work from home and make more money? Read our guide to find out the best online platforms.

LeadCompass ebook win the interview with your voice -

Win the Interview with your Voice

Transform your voice and your public speaking to win the attention of your next interview!
LeadCompass ebook guide to survival in the job market -

Survival Guide to the Labour Market

Looking for a job or want to change careers? In this guide you will find the 5 skills you need not only to survive but also to stand out in the job market!

LeadCompass ebook 8 ways to get a job today - ebooks

8 ways to get a job today

Job ads are only 10-20% of the actual open positions. Learn through our guide to alternative ways of finding a job.

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