Because you will fail in your career.

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It is very common for young people and older people to feel that they are lost professionally, that they are in the wrong professional field. Relevant surveys show that more than 60% of employees do not derive satisfaction from their job, they want to change their working environment, even change career orientation

1) We have no patience.

After obtaining the first degree, we expect to succeed very quickly and find the dream job at the first opportunity. In the first internship you can't have any requirements. Give time to the process, make contacts, learn what the position entails and the environment you are called to work in.

Think long term, not short term.

2) We choose a job according to what is considered socially acceptable.

Find out what it is you like to do and fight for it. Follow your calling. If your vocation has nothing to do with the family business or a profession that others "impose" on you, discuss it and learn to stand up for yourself and its decisions. Find the passion, find out what it is you want to do and fight for it. Listen to the voice inside you. Follow your own path.

3) You are not willing to pay the cost.

Any next stage in professional life requires new habits, different demands and comes with a cost. No success just happens. It comes from hard work and only when you are willing to sacrifice things and negotiate. If you are not committed, not willing to adopt new behaviors and habits and not ready to pay the price that comes with each one, don't expect progression.

4) You are afraid to take risks.

No one can guarantee you success and there is no magic solution.

Fear exists in others of us and you just have to think about what to do with it. It is to be expected to be afraid. Go with the fear.

The "world", our acquaintances, our family, will always have an opinion, just as we do. Don't be afraid of what others will say if you fail in the end. Failure is not the opposite of success. Failure, or rather failures, are an essential part of success.

Success is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm. Winston Churchill

5) You are chasing what you will do, not "why" you will do it.

Find out what it is that motivates you. Find your personal "why", what connects you to the outside world. The profession is the vehicle to serve what you want. It is not the end in itself. Professions are changing and professions that existed 10 years ago are considered obsolete and new ones are being created in this moving environment.

The most important way to learn about yourself is through experience. To be exposed to new environments, stimuli, people, to travel, to find valuable interlocutors, to try and test yourself.

Don't put it down to failures. Work through the mishaps, the failures, learn the lesson and move on. With life expectancy changing, a person can now change 6-7 different professions. It is up to us to re-invent ourselves over and over again.

The habits of successful people have an indispensable ingredient, a basis, we could say: fortitude. Fortitude is the strength you find to wake up every morning whether you are motivated or not and keep going. Success is not a destination. It is a construction site under construction. You conquer a peak and then move on to the next or fail and find the fortitude to get back up.

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