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Enjoy all our seminars remotely via the internet completely free of charge. Our webinars or web-based seminars, or online seminars if you prefer, offer us the opportunity to enrich our knowledge quickly and easily from the comfort of our home. Choose one of the topics below and be better prepared for the job market.

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seminario dwrean biografiko - online seminars

The Secrets to the Ideal Resume.

Find out what are the common mistakes in a CV and how to avoid them. Make a resume that stands out in the eyes of an employer in <6 seconds.

seminario dwrean synenteuksi - online seminars

How to make a good impression in your recruitment interview (webinar)

Find out what the most common mistakes are, how to avoid them and how to impress the employer even in the most challenging interview.

seminario dwrean - online seminars

How to get your application to the Master's programme accepted.

Find out what steps you need to take to increase your chances of receiving a positive response to your postgraduate applications.

Leadcompass Masterclass. The most comprehensive series of online career seminars is here.