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It would be nice if when we finished university we were given a booklet with the "must do" actions we have to do to survive in the labour market and of course to find a job. Something like a guidebook that would show us how to move, what our career options are. Even more simply we would like to have a guide on how to make a resume or prepare for a challenging interview.

Usually we are only given a piece of paper which, together with a frame, decorates our home beautifully. Unfortunately, not all of us have a flair for decorating and we have to do something if we want to start our first professional steps.

So we designed the Survival Guide to the Labour Market aimed at people who want to:
- Build their career, if they are in their first steps
- Change careers if they are not satisfied with their existing one
- Seek employment in their subject area

In the guide you will find the 5 skills you need not only to survive but also to stand out in the job market and answer questions such as:
What are the first steps I should take after university?
How to be a competitive candidate for a job?
What skills are employers looking for today?
- How do I make a career change after 30

So start planning your career today by downloading the free guide!

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