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Career advice and more! An interview given by the certified LeadCompass consultant Markos Korvesis to the Athens News Agency for the successful and non-successful candidates of the Panhellenic exams.

Markos Korvesis helps people around the world find their ikigai: a job they love, do well, that people need and are rewarded for.

He is a Career Consultant and co-owner of LeadCompass with 3,000+ hours of training in 15 countries. He specializes in Resume, Cover Letter, LinkedIn, Interview Preparation and Job Search Techniques for Greece and abroad.

It monitors the latest developments in the global labour market, such as virtual reality assessment of candidates and interviewing with artificial intelligence and robots.

He has helped over 1,000 people of 50+ nationalities with successes in 30+ countries find the jobs they want at companies like Google, Amazon and Microsoft, as well as start their own businesses. His goal is to help millions of people with their careers worldwide.

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