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 In the last year I have talked to many old students who are already employed in some position Labour or have just started their professional "journey". Many of them (if not almost all) are looking for their ideal Work. They are trying to build their lives in the best possible way professionally and to carve a completely different path that will lead them at career they deserve.

So I'm going to try with everything I've heard over the years, to do a little review and travel back to my twenty-year-old self. What practical advice would you give me? Let's take a look at the 5+1 career tips that are good for a 20-year-old student to follow:

  1.   Drink coffee... creatively. 

    Combine this busy outing with your friends with one goal at a time. Invest some time with your fellow students by nurturing your relationships because you never know how your paths will cross in the future. Thank a person who actively supported you during a difficult time and show them how grateful you are. In addition, discuss business ideas that have been taking endless rides in your mind. How do you know? You might find the rest of your business "half" prematurely.

  2. The decisions you make will be entirely your own.

    Never let another person make important decisions for you. There are certainly many people who are interested in you and your subsequent personal or professional development. However, you know yourself best and what you need most. Take the time to do a comprehensive research on what is troubling you, evaluate your findings and create your alternatives. It's always good to have a Plan B in every decision you make.

  3. Sleep... positively! 

    Before you go to sleep, think of 3 positive things you did today. Even if they are small, remember that it's little details and small moments like these that make a difference in our lives or someone else's life.

  4. It created an environment of support and development.

    Literally and figuratively surround yourself with people who encourage you personally and support you to achieve the plan careerYour. Any other person may be draining your precious energy or even be a constant distraction for you.

  5. Expand your "safety zone".

    Many times we don't take the above step in something we like and consider important because of the fear we have and the feeling of insecurity that will follow. So cross your limits. Don't be afraid to make a presentation in front of an audience, to ask a "silly" question to the professor in the auditorium that will change your whole worldview with his answer. Put shyness or ego aside and start meeting admirable people who are better at something you are not and desire to be. So stop walking only in a predetermined circle - a safety zone around you and challenge yourself daily with new experiences.

  6. (+1) Bonus Tip: Volunteering "pays" with experiences! 

    Even today, I find that young people cannot realise how important the volunteering for their subsequent development. Responsible volunteering can really give you a lot of professional experience. You can develop as a student many soft skills that are needed by the future employer you will meet in your next job. interview yourself. So open your horizons and stop being overly suspicious of everything. Don't forget that volunteering is a part of the CV yourself.

In your student years you build your CV. As a graduate, you sell it for a job.

What does this mean? Most young people think that first they have to get their degree and then they start to create the CV and collect experiences. As if everything must have a logical sequence. But you have to act differently. So start thinking about how all this can apply to your life.

I hope you found the above tips useful. Is there anything that has troubled you above? Share it with us by leaving a comment below!

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