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Many studies have shown that over 50% of employers use Facebook to get past the first "screen" of potential candidates' profiles.

Employers check Facebook for one reason: to see who you really are. LinkedIn is a great way to build your professional profile, but does it show who you really are? Facebook, for better or worse, can influence employers on whether you're a balanced candidate between your professional and personal life, what your interests are and whether they should interview you with you!

In this excessive effort to expose yourself a little more, to promote yourself and aspects of your life and to appear interesting, you can easily lose your dream job in a few seconds with the following 5 ways!!!

Are you ready? Let's go see them...

1. Use of a shared email address (Email)

Before you even log in to your personal account, you are asked to enter your email and password. But you have to be very careful about which email you enter when you sign up for Facebook. Using the same email for all our personal and business purposes can do more harm than good to us. When applying for a job, many companies (at least overseas) use a plug-in called 'Rapportive'. This software extracts all the data you have on all the social accounts you use the same email id regardless if you may have checked that 'Privacy' box. So, what do we keep? One email for Facebook and another for our business and the applications we make.

2. Publishing "beautiful" posts about your work life.

Making posts that comment negatively on our work, our work environment and express whatever complaints we may have is not a good thing. So-called "social media drama" does not positively predispose any employer. Get a grip and don't comment negatively on your co-workers, boss or company (let alone during your working hours) and even if the law is on your side.

3. Access to all... All public!

Don't give access to all Facebook users or even all your "Friends" to see what you post on your "wall". Try adjusting your "Privacy Settings" by creating small lists of friends, colleagues, close friends and family. This way, you'll share your posts with specific people, your account won't be open to everyone, and you'll avoid a lot of misunderstandings or other situations. It is therefore advisable to avoid public discussions about politics, religion and other sensitive topics because the next "job application" or the existing position you already have. What you can do is change your "Settings" and not have everyone see whatever content you are "Tagging".

4. Add your boss as a friend (Facebook Friends)

It may sound almost perfect to "add" my boss from work, however after a while you may possibly realize your mistake. Many times, some people tend to comment indirectly and "anonymously" on some situation or event they experienced that day at work and "intrigue" their "Friends" to also give their opinion with a comment below so they can learn more. That's where Friend "Mr. Boss" enters the conversation and you fall from the clouds because you had forgotten about the "Friendship" you made the week before. Things just take their course. FIREDDDD!!!!Image result for hate my boss facebook

5. Upload a fugitive profile photo

It may be funny when your photo shows your youthfulness, your "student" forgotten personality and your "fun loving nature", but it doesn't show off your professional image. Any low-quality photo certainly does not help you to "pass" the right image to your future employer. So, a little extra caution here. On every upload, step back to think again.


If you work strategically then social media like Facebook can be used as good networking tools. Facebook can take your career off the ground or "crash" it at the first wrong turn you take communicatively. What you need is to be aware of the 5 ways above that can put quite a few obstacles in your career path if you don't pay as much attention to them.

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