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Submitting CVs is a process that can take days to months and often without receiving a response. As unemployment in Greece is at high levels (21% for all productive ages and 43% for young people) it is time to find ways to be able to stand out in the labour market and promote ourselves effectively to convince our future employers. The best and in the first instance most effective way is to design a professional CV. The term "professional" is very important because everyone has created a resume. However, a percentage less than 5% have a well-designed resume that matches our true potential.


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Most of the time in the CVs we receive, we notice that candidates underestimate their experience and overshadow it so that they are considered unsuitable for the position they are interested in. For this reason, we will analyze some disastrous mistakes that automatically lead your resume to rejection and that you need to avoid.

Empty Position Description

More than half of the CVs, unfortunately, do not elaborate on the experience gained by the candidates, but simply mention the position, the company and the date they worked. In this way, the employer is not able to know the skills and abilities that the candidate has in order to judge correctly and evaluate them accordingly. Job titles and company names mean nothing if they are not accompanied by a description of duties, successes and skills gained in each work experience. But how do you present this experience?  You can find useful tips here.

Damage - Error Level: High

Unstructured Experience Analysis

Just as destructive as leaving your experience unanalysed is to write down your entire experience in text form. As you know, the eye gets tired of reading whole passages and sometimes we get bored of paying attention to them. The right way to ensure that your experience is read by the employer is to put it in bullet point form, i.e. concisely and in short sentences. The resume does not need to be verbose but structured and meaningful.

Damage - Error Level: High

Standardised and unclear themes

The topics that a CV has are not always the same, i.e. Education, Experience, Skills, Languages, Seminars. Their order depending on the objective we have, may change. If we are applying for a postgraduate degree, then our academic profile is very important and we should give it a corresponding place and weight in our CV. Similarly, in case a previous experience is relevant to the position we are interested in, we should highlight it by mentioning it first as work experience. Furthermore, we do not need to use only the usual subject titles. For example, if we are interested in sales, we can rename the subject "Professional Experience" to "Sales Experience" to make our resume more targeted.

Damage - Error Level: Important

Lack of Organisation in the Presentation of Experiences

There are hundreds of cases of young and older people that we have encountered from time to time, who overshadow their experience by confusing all kinds of employment. This phenomenon occurs on the one hand in young people who have 1-2 experiences in their field and 2-3 in seasonal work or other gainful employment not directly related to the subject of their studies. On the other hand, it also occurs in older people who have many different experiences in their potential. In this case we need to either group our experiences and create new subjects. For example a journalist may have the following themes: Experience in Sports Reporting, Experience in Television, Experience in Radio etc. Otherwise we can divide our experience into "Professional" where we include all the experiences related to the job we are interested in and "Work" where we put all the experiences that are livelihood or not related to our subject. You can find the topics of your choice at Ready-made CV templates that we have planned.

Damage - Error Level: Important

Non-Professional Photography

This category is where most of the incidents occur. Mobile phone photos, selfies from night outs, from indiscriminate dressing and many more are some of the most common "poses" we see every day. Unless curated by a photographer, you can simply avoid having your picture taken. In other words, we don't have to push our luck. In case we choose to have a photo, there are some important things to consider such as for men to wear a shirt and have a slight smile and for women to make sure that the hair does not fall in the face and that they do not have a strong dye job or wear strapless.

Damage - Error Level: Important

Spelling and Syntax Errors

Although most people today design their CVs in a word or power point program, there is still the phenomenon of spelling or syntax errors that is even found in the 50% of CVs. The first thing an employer understands in this situation is that the candidate has not taken the process seriously and has not taken an interest in checking their resume. Consequently, he or she is not that interested in the targeted job. On this website - which I personally use - you can check your spelling and easily make the necessary corrections: neurolingo.gr

Damage - Error Level:  High

Bonus Tip: Bulk Resume Sending

We are used to sending the same CV en masse to all available jobs that exist, expecting a response. All we succeed in doing is turning our resume into just another spam mail that neither states our willingness to work for that particular company nor what special we have to offer through the position offered. Every job comes with a job description that basically says in a nutshell what the employer is looking for from you. What you need to do is to read the description carefully and identify the keywords that you will utilize by placing them within your resume and specifically within the particular experience that is linked. In this way, you are essentially answering the employer's needs and making it much easier to motivate them to call you for an interview.

Damage - Error Level: Extremely High

For more tips you can find out more at Free LeadCompass Academy!  If you are in the process of designing a resume and you want it to meet all the standards mentioned above so that it is professional, then a our qualified consultant can help you

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