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The new movement Slow Life has made its appearance all over the world and is here to stay! It is a quiet revolution against the current rhythms of life that have psychologically weakened many.

Modern people are tired of running around like crazy in the morning, with their smartphones glued to them, notifications and emails every now and then distracting them and stress levels soaring. And most importantly? They're tired of being competitive at the expense of their personal, family, love and friendship lives! The chaotic pace of modern seasonal factors increase our stress at an excessive rate. As a result, we lose balance in our lives. Sometimes we need to take a step back to see the big picture. To see what we have accomplished in our lives. What things we should be happy about. What are our real goals, the actions that help us achieve our purpose?

So in Los Angeles, designers and stylists came up with a new "business model" that consists of doing only what is needed to find balance. 

How we can join the "Slow Life";

The most important thing is to place more importance on quality than quantity in all areas of our lives, such as: fewer friends who love us more, using our time for what is truly important. It is also good to spend a certain amount of time on social networks. We should take care of our information, but focus on the news that contributes to improving our lives. To choose our work, so that we enjoy what we do with its difficulties and conveniences.

It's all about taking time for ourselves, our loved ones and whatever excites us. "Slow living" allows us to take back control and reconnect with ourselves and what we really need.

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