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    Most positions on the hidden market are never announced. Only 25% of jobs are posted to the general public, on the internet, while 75% are covered before they are advertised.


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    If your CV is selected by a company in our network, we prepare you for the interview by giving you free access to all our online seminars (worth +500€)


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    We recommend only the best in their field for each position, maintaining the relationship of trust we have with our partners. You're not just another candidate. You are a Leadcompass-er!

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    Online Resume Seminar

    You may already have a CV, but here are the secrets that will be your weapon to get you through the interview.

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    Online Interview Seminar

    The success of the interview depends not only on how good your CV is, but how you communicate it.

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    Online Cover Letter Tutorial

    We won't just give you some tips & tricks, we will write your cover letter together step-by-step.

    We are Leadcompass.

    The #1 online CV writing agency in Greece. Our daily goal is to help you showcase your professional profile in the best possible way.

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