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Features...at a glance!

The template is provided in PowerPoint format to make it user-friendly and easy to process.

- Contains 20 CVs in Greek and English variants
- Available in single page and double page format
- A4 template dimensions
- The variations of the pattern are in Black-Gold, Dark Blue-Grey and Blue colour.
- The title of the themes and their order change based on your needs
- Quick and easy editing (colours, fonts, etc.)
- Includes a pack of icons for all possible themes
- The fonts used are free of charge
- Contains a guide with detailed instructions for use for processing
- Fast and friendly technical support from a special consultant for its design, in case you choose the Support Service above

Why choose a Leadcompass template?

Easy to process at any time

We've taken care to configure all the fields you need, so you can simply add your information. Plus, you have the ability to easily update your resume whenever you gain a new experience or skill.

Total customization based on your needs

All our templates are offered in PowerPoint or Word format and are fully customizable to your needs. You can completely change the entire design, colors, icons or add and remove themes and fields. 

Modern design that makes a difference

Our templates are designed by skilled designers in order to attract the reader's interest at first glance. To stand out in your applications, then you definitely need a competitive template that makes a difference.

5 reviews for Celeste – Βιογραφικό

  1. Leo (verified owner) -

  2. Fotis (verified owner) -

    I got the job. Thanks for everything!

  3. Dimitris (verified owner) -

    "I was nervous about creating my own resume, but the template I got from LeadCompass saved me so much time.

  4. Maria Luisa (verified owner) -

    I don't regret it at all. George helped me with the standard whenever I needed him.

  5. petroula (verified owner) -

    Eutyxws pou sas vrika. Teleia h forma biograikou.

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