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Features at a glance!

The template is provided in Power Point format to make it user-friendly and easy to edit.

It contains 24 CVs in Greek and English.

In particular it contains:
- 4 Templates for one-page CVs in Greek
- 4 Templates of CVs in double-page format in Greek
- 4 One-page CV templates in English
- 4 CV Templates in English in a two-page format


- A4 template dimensions
- The variations of the pattern are in black, gold, light blue, pink, green and violet
- The title of the themes and their order change based on your needs
- Quick and easy editing (colours, fonts, etc.)
- The fonts used are free (they change)
- Contains a guide with detailed instructions for use for processing
- Contains over 400 icons to enrich it
- Fast and friendly technical support from a special consultant for its design, in case you choose the Support Service above

Why choose a Leadcompass template?

Easy to process at any time

We've taken care to configure all the fields you need, so you can simply add your information. Plus, you have the ability to easily update your resume whenever you gain a new experience or skill.

Total customization based on your needs

All our templates are offered in PowerPoint or Word format and are fully customizable to your needs. You can completely change the entire design, colors, icons or add and remove themes and fields. 

Modern design that makes a difference

Our templates are designed by skilled designers in order to attract the reader's interest at first glance. To stand out in your applications, then you definitely need a competitive template that makes a difference.

35 reviews for Esthetic – Βιογραφικό

  1. Maria Christina (verified owner) -

    LeadCompass has everything I needed to create a professional and impressive resume. The templates are well designed and easy to customize and the support I have had has been fantastic.

  2. John (verified owner) -

  3. Sophia (verified owner) -

    I had my doubts, to say the least, but I finally realized how user-friendly the powerpoint file was. Go for it.

  4. Louisa (verified owner) -

    I was impressed by the quality and variety of the templates. It was easy to find a template that fit my needs and I was able to quickly create a professional resume.

  5. Maria Catherine (verified owner) -

    I've just been called for an interview. Thanks for the support and help with the resume template I chose.

  6. Georgia Maria (verified owner) -

    I was able to create a CV that truly represents my skills and experience and I know it will help me get my dream job. Thank you, LeadCompass

  7. Georgiana (verified owner) -

    LeadCompass helped me create a resume that really made me stand out from the crowd. Everything was structured and I wasn't confused at all.

  8. Dina (verified owner) -

    I highly recommend Leadcompass resume templates to anyone who needs a new and improved resume. I found the instructions I downloaded with the resume very helpful.

  9. Andrew (verified owner) -

    Excellent resume and easy to complete.

  10. Mary (verified owner) -

    Professional model. Nothing to do with what I had.

  11. Eleni (verified owner) -

    Great resume template. It suited me very well!!!!

  12. Tolis (verified owner) -

    It exceeded my expectations. Well done guys for everything.

  13. Theodore (verified owner) -

    I was looking for a way to update my resume and thank God you're here.

  14. Nick (verified owner) -

    I found this particular template very helpful...

  15. Christos (verified owner) -

    In addition to the resume template, it also had detailed guides for completing the resume. The whole process was simple. I had a question, but it was answered by the instructions. 🙂

  16. Elizabeth (verified owner) -

    My template is perfect...Thank you....

  17. Penny (verified owner) -

    Simple standard. I completed it in 1 hour. Everything is perfect.

  18. Paul (verified owner) -

    all fine and understandable. easy to use.

  19. Cleopatra (verified owner) -

    Modern and elegant. Just what I wanted.

  20. Rigas (verified owner) -

    I was impressed by the level of support. Nowhere else have I felt this way with my purchase. And it's just a resume.

  21. Michael (verified owner) -

    Although I was hesitant at first, I also bought the technical support service. I don't regret it at all. George helped me with the template whenever I needed him. I highly recommend it.

  22. Vasiliki (verified owner) -

    The templates are well designed, easy to use and I was able to create a new CV that I am proud to share with potential employers.

  23. Lydia (verified owner) -


  24. George (verified owner) -

    I got the job. Thanks for everything!

  25. Paris (verified owner) -

    The staff responded quickly to my questions and were very helpful throughout the process. Well done!!!!

  26. Victoria (verified owner) -

    I am so grateful for this resume shop.

  27. Evangelos (verified owner) -

    saved me a lot of time.

  28. Alex (verified owner) -

  29. Michael (verified owner) -

  30. Maria Eleni (verified owner) -

  31. Nikos (verified owner) -

    Well done guys for your work

  32. Sofia (verified owner) -

    "I'm so happy. Just what I was looking for. Thanks lead compass.

  33. Mania (verified owner) -

  34. Fotis (verified owner) -

    Professional model. Nothing to do with what I had.

  35. Nina (verified owner) -

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