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Reintegration of workers

At LeadCompass we offer a integrated programme of 3 modules which aims at the successful reintegration of employees into the labour market, the strengthening of your corporate responsibility and the recognition of your corporate image.


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Program Features

interview preparation simulation - employee reintegration

Personalised Services

We provide each of your employees with a personal career advisor who helps them to tailor our program to their needs and goals.

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Recognised Consultants

LeadCompass career consultants are certified and specialized in preparing candidates to apply for jobs in Greece and abroad.

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Supporting Material & Ready-made Solutions

We undertake to deliver ready-made CV, Cover Letter, LinkedIn and in addition to the trainings we send additional supporting material (ebooks, guides).

Programme modules

Unit 1: Career Counselling

We explore the needs of each employee

Through individual career counselling sessions we analyse the needs of each employee and explore alternative career paths by identifying their motivation, skills and goals.

Psychological support of an employee in the context of dismissal

The employee is put in contact with their personal advisor and they start building a relationship of trust by providing psychological support to deal with the dismissal.

Finding and prioritising values and incentives

Personal values and motivation play a key role in determining career goals. In this session we will identify and analyze each employee's values and the motivation that motivates him/her to achieve his/her goals.

Identification of personal characteristics, skills and competences

In this session we will delve into characteristics, skills, abilities and behaviours. Using the SWOT Analysis methodology, you will be clear what your competitive advantages are as an individual, which points need to be improved, which risks to consider and which opportunities you can exploit.

Exploring career options and setting goals

In this session we will discuss what criteria we use to set goals and then what methodologies we use to commit to and achieve them. Goals are essential in our lives because they commit us to achieve something, make us feel accountable to ourselves, determine our actions, and of course develop us.

Unit 2: Strengthening Professional Identity

We create competitive candidates

Professional identity is everything in the recruitment process. We take it upon ourselves to build a comprehensive professional identity for each of your employees, so they can catch the attention of employers and recruiters and win the job they want!

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CV Writing

We use personalized resume templates specially designed by LeadCompass designers and we take care of the entire resume writing process, highlighting the experience and knowledge of each candidate. 

Cover Letter Writing

We create a targeted or generic cover letter, taking care to highlight the competitive advantages of each candidate, in order to help him/her apply for the job they want.

Create/Renew LinkedIn Profile

We take care of the entire creation and configuration of the candidate's LinkedIn account in English. We make sure to compile a competitive profile that meets the candidate's needs.

Interview preparation

We prepare each candidate for all types of interviews and the 30 most frequently asked questions, so that they are able to promote themselves effectively.

Section 3: Job Search

We train candidates in job search techniques

Most candidates are only aware of published advertisements, but these are only 10-15% of the actual open positions on the market and the probability of finding a job from advertisements alone is only 2%. In this section each candidate will receive: 

Training on job portals and alternative job search methods

He/she learns to manage Greek and well-known foreign job portals to search for jobs related to his/her field. In addition, he/she is trained in alternative methods of job search in order to apply for positions that belong even to the hidden job market (unpublished jobs).

Training on networking techniques with recruiters and employers

He/she is trained in alternative methods of approaching potential employers and recruiters depending on his/her field of interest, without necessarily having an open job, and also learns how to use social media for networking.

Training on alternative procedures for recruiting employees and sending applications

They are trained in how to organise the job search process and how to manage their applications for all the possible recruitment stages that the company and the job they are interested in may have.

The only thing worse than training your employees and having them leave is not training them and having them stay.