Personnel Search (Recruiting Service)

LeadCompass undertakes on your behalf the process of finding and evaluating the most suitable candidates to staff your company.


Apart from being a recruitment agency, we are the No.1 online career consulting agency in Greece. We have a large database of candidates, rich in data, allowing us to find the candidates you are looking for, the moment you want them.


The recruitment process became easy.

We save you time and resources

Keep doing what you know best and leave the process of finding the next talent to us. We take care of everything!

Integrated recruitment process

We post ads, contact our own candidate database, evaluate resumes, interview candidates and send you only the best!

Broad base of our own candidates

Connecting with our wide network of highly qualified candidates, ensuring the best possible choice for your business.

Specialist recruitment consultants

A team of consultants with expertise in your field, knowledge that guarantees successful recruitment

Track record of successful recruitment

Our candidates have won positions in leading companies. They have the skills and experience you are looking for.

We work tirelessly for you

We continuously search and recommend candidates until we ensure that they meet your needs.

We are paid mainly by results

We will return the 70% of our agreement to you if we are unable to find the person you were looking for after several rounds of interviews and screening of candidates.


How we help you with recruitment

Identification of needs

We contact you to analyse the needs of the job. We undertake to create a job description on your behalf based on your needs.

Posting an advertisement

We undertake the drafting and publication of your advertisement on targeted recruitment platforms (job portals, career portals, online groups) depending on the background of the candidates we are looking for.

Search for Candidates

We leverage our large database of CVs, our extensive professional network and of course we do personal search and headhunting of candidates via LinkedIn.

CV evaluation

(Screening & Shortlisting)

We evaluate all candidates' CVs according to your selection criteria and contact them in order to conduct a telephone interview.

Interview with Recruiter

LeadCompass recruiters conduct an interview with the most qualified candidates to assess their experience and skills. 

Selection of Candidates

We recommend the 3-5 most suitable candidates. We create detailed reports on each of them individually and share them with you along with the biography of each profile.

Final Interview

We know how important it is to have the final say on the people you want to hire. Therefore, in the final stage we give you the opportunity to evaluate the candidates we recommend and you choose who is best suited for the position.

Recruitment or new round of interviews

Have you found the next talent for your team? Great! Our work stops here and you proceed with the hiring process as normal. In case you are not satisfied with our proposals, we repeat the process until you are satisfied.

Rejection of Candidates

Your corporate image is a very important issue for us. That's why we contact all candidates on your behalf providing feedback and why they were rejected and also resolve any queries they have throughout the process.

Because our customers trust us!

They find person
20% faster

+70% Employee Retention

90% satisfaction grade

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