Recruitment and Selection Service

LeadCompass undertakes on your behalf the process of finding and evaluating the most suitable candidates to staff your company.


Why choose LeadCompass for your recruitment

We undertake the entire recruitment process on your behalf
market know - staff selection

We know the global market

We have been successful in recruiting our candidates in more than 30 countries in Europe, America and Asia.

professionals - staff selection

We are professionals

Being the #1 online career consulting agency in Greece, we know how to assess candidates.

love customers - staff selection

We love our customers

We continuously search and recommend candidates until we ensure that they meet your needs.


How can we help you with recruitment?

The methodology we use to select the right candidates on your behalf

We contact you to analyse the needs of the job. You do not need to have a job description written down. We undertake to create a job description on your behalf based on your needs.

We undertake the drafting and publication of your advertisement on targeted recruitment platforms (job portals, career portals, online groups) depending on the background of the candidates we are looking for. 

In addition to posting advertisements, we use alternative methods of finding candidates by leveraging our large database of CVs, our wide professional network, the dynamics of our social media and of course the personal search for candidates through headhunting.

We evaluate all candidates' CVs according to the selection criteria and contact the most suitable candidates to conduct a telephone interview. 

LeadCompass recruiters conduct an interview with the most qualified candidates to assess their experience and skills. 

We select and recommend 3 to 5 runners-up and create detailed reports for each of them, so that we can then deliver them to your company.

We know how important it is to have the final say on the people you want to hire. Therefore, in the final stage we give you the opportunity to evaluate the candidates we recommend and you choose who is best suited for the position. In case you are not satisfied with our proposals we repeat the process until we meet your needs.

Your corporate image is a very important issue for us. For this reason we undertake on your behalf to contact all candidates we meet in our interviews providing them with feedback on why they were rejected and in addition we resolve any queries candidates may have throughout the process we carry out.

With successes in over 30 countries and 1,000 candidates who have won a job, we are ready to help you!