Career Counseling Services

Comprehensive programmes or individual career counselling sessions to help you in your professional life, whether you are at the beginning or have made several steps in your career.


Counselling sessions
just when you need them!

Get guidance from your personal advisor on how to stay committed to the goals you have set and how to make important professional and personal decisions.

How to look for a job in Greece or abroad?
How to make a successful career change?
How to negotiate a salary or promotion?

Career Change Programmes.
Love your work again!

Forget what others will say, mitigate the stress of failure with a strategic plan and dare to see your life and mood change. We're here for your next step.


Find out what you love, what you do well, what the world needs and how you can be rewarded for it.

career change career change action plan - professional counselling

super candidate

Holistic preparation program to succeed in the most demanding recruitment conditions!

professional image personal branding service 1 - professional consulting

personal branding

Learn how to promote yourself through your CV, Cover Letter and LinkedIn.

interview-simulation-service (interview-simulation-service)


Learn how we prepare you to stand out from all the candidates with simulation & interview preparation!

job search job searching strategies service1 - professional consulting

Search techniques

Learn how to approach employers without ads and better organise your job search.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is professional counselling?

Vocational counselling is the guidance and support of the individual in their effort to choose the profession that suits them. 

Can I make a career change at an older age?

Of course you can! At Leadcompass we are always there for you and always ready to help you make the best possible decision in whatever career dilemma you are facing in your life.

Does it help to make an individual career plan?

The individual career plan is the most important thing to do during our professional life. With strategic targeting and the help of a qualified advisor, you chart a proper direction in your career and gain experiences that help you to continuously grow.

With the interview preparation service, will I be able to answer any question I am asked?

With our comprehensive service and the right preparation on your part, you have nothing to fear at the interview. You will be able to answer any question with confidence and assurance.

How much of a pay rise should I ask for?

It depends. The experience you have in your industry plays a big role, but also your psychology, character and strategy. A Leadcompass consultant can help you claim the pay you deserve.