Become a Super Candidate

Claim the career of your dreams! Certified and experienced career counselors are committed to preparing you to become the ideal candidate and succeed in the most challenging hiring conditions.

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Program Description

At LeadCompass we offer a comprehensive career counselling programme consisting of 8 modules. The aim of the personalized program is to prepare the candidate to meet the most demanding recruitment conditions and to be able to compete for the job he/she wants.


Section 1
CV Writing

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Section 2
Cover Letter Writing


Section 3
LinkedIn Profile 


Section 4
LinkedIn Training

interview-preparation-service (interview-preparation-service)

Section 5
Interview preparation 

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Section 6
Interview simulation

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Section 7
Job Search Techniques


Who it is aimed at

If you belong to any of the following situations, then this program is for you!

graduating student - super candidate
Students and graduates

You have 0 - 3 years of experience and are in the early stages of your career

manager 1 - super candidate
Mid-Senior Candidates

You have 3-10 years of experience and want to challenge for leadership positions in your career

businessman - super candidate
Administrative Executives

You have 10+ years of experience and want to challenge for management positions in your career

- super candidate
CEO / Doctors / Professors

You are a professional and want to build a professional profile that reflects your experience

M rating - super candidate
If you want to make a difference in the job market, then LeadCompass is the only solution. They will give you the advice you need to maximize your chances of finding the right job. It's worth it!

Kostas M.

Owner & Director | Michalopoulos School

M rating - super candidate

Kostas M.

Owner & Director | Michalopoulos School

If you want to make a difference in the job market, then LeadCompass is the only solution. They will give you the advice you need to maximize your chances of finding the right job. It's worth it!

How we prepare you

Become a Super Candidate and claim the job of your dreams

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We design your CV in Greek and English

With our personalized resume templates, we expertly highlight your experience and knowledge, ensuring a perfect fit. Explore our selection of tailored resumes to find the one that best suits your needs:

Thoughtful CV

We use customized resume templates designed by LeadCompass professional designers targeted to your needs and the job you want, to showcase your experience and win you the interview.

Europass Curriculum Vitae

We recommend the Europass CV, designed according to European standards, in case the job is related to public bodies or European agencies that use it as a requirement.

Academic Curriculum Vitae
Ideal CV if you are aiming to apply for a Master's - PhD degree or to work in a research field. An academic CV will enhance your academic experience making you a competitive candidate.
Curriculum Vitae Portfolio
An excellent option for professionals aiming to showcase their expertise through their CV, including achievements, accolades, diplomas, career milestones, and even multimedia content.
Curriculum Vitae Bio
You may have heard of it as an autobiographical essay or Bio. It can be short (100-300 words) or detailed (600-1000 words), and you can use it for posting on websites, social media or sending it to organizations like chambers of commerce. It is intended for Entrepreneurs, Doctors, Lawyers, Life Coaches, Career Coaches, Business Coaches, Executive Coaches, Private Sector Trainers and other disciplines.

We compose your Cover Letter

We create your cover letter highlighting your competitive advantages and harmonize its design with your CV, enhancing your professional image.

General cover letter for a job

In the general cover letter we create a template tailored to your needs and skills that you can use in each application by simply changing the company you are applying to and the job you are interested in.

Targeted Job Cover Letter

The targeted cover letter addresses a specific advertisement in which we leverage your skills and experience in relation to the advertisement's requirements and the company's culture, so that you emerge as an ideal candidate and win an interview.

Cover letter for Master's degree

The cover letter for a postgraduate degree can also take the form of an application essay, where we combine your academic performance, your achievements, your professional experiences, your goals and of course the university and the title of the postgraduate degree you are interested in.

coverletter before leadcompass - super candidate coverletter after leadcompass - super candidate
LinkedIn Profile Creation LeadCompass - super candidate

We shape your LinkedIn profile

We take care of the entire creation and configuration of your LinkedIn account in English. We make sure to compile a competitive profile that meets your needs.

Account creation and settings

Your personal advisor creates your LinkedIn account with your contact details and configures your account settings according to recognised standards. He or she then notifies you to change your password.

Account creation and settings

We compose a targeted headline and an introductory paragraph that describe your competitive advantages and help you to appear in recruiters' searches.

Drafting and editing of texts

We take care of the professional compilation of all the content of your profile, from your education and professional experience to your certifications, skills and possible distinctions.

Suggested keywords

We research and use keywords that are in demand in your industry and subject area to answer the needs of each recruiter who evaluates your profile.

Adding material and skills

We add photos and links to each field that we can to better present your experience. In addition, we add all the skills required based on your subject matter, needs and abilities


Develop your career by leveraging LinkedIn

Through a 120-150 minute call, a certified career consultant will train you on how to use LinkedIn focusing on the following important topics:

How do I apply to job ads on LinkedIn?

Valuable tips that will help you learn how to search for targeted jobs on LinkedIn and how to submit applications to each job posting to stand out from the crowd.

How do I use LinkedIn for networking?

You will learn all the secrets on how to grow your professional network on LinkedIn to meet mentors, HR managers, recruiters and other professionals to exchange knowledge, make partnerships and compete for jobs.

How I strengthen my Personal Brand through LinkedIn

You will learn about all the LinkedIn tools through which you can enhance your professional image (Personal Brand). In this context, you will be taught methodologies that will help you to raise the potential of your profile.

Why is Search Engine Optimization important?

In this topic you will learn which are the fields of LinkedIn and how to use them correctly from the perspective of SEO - Search Engine Optimization, so that other users can find you with the right Keywords.

What content strategy are you using?

In this topic you learn how to use LinkedIn for though leadership (content strategy). Suggested posting schedule, tips for better performance and mistakes to avoid in order to increase the impact of your posts.

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interview service call photo - super candidate

The best preparation to succeed in the interview

74% of candidates are unable to communicate effectively and bring themselves up during the interview process. Prepare with the help of experts:

What are the types of interview?

You learn how to prepare for all the alternative types of interviews you may encounter, whether it's a traditional one-on-one interview, an executive panel interview or even a remote interview.

What do you need to know before every interview?

How is the preparation for each interview done. What information do you need to know and what procedures do you follow to ensure you have a successful interview?

What are the 5 categories of questions?

Learn to distinguish the types of questions you will be asked so that you know what each one is aimed at and can tailor your answers accordingly to impress the interviewer.

How to answer the 30 most frequently asked questions?

Know the most important questions in an interview and methodologies to approach them. Organise your experience and learn how you can respond to each one by preparing your answers.


Test in real interview conditions

We set an interview scenario, run a real-life simulation and provide you with targeted feedback with success tips. The program includes:

Personalised scenario

We create a hypothetical interview scenario in Greek/English for a specific position, e.g. Interview for the position of Sales Manager at ABG. The scenario is defined according to your industry and the potential employers you are interested in.

Interview simulation

We will run a real simulation with you taking the role of the interviewer and you taking the role of the interviewee. We'll ask you the most common and challenging questions that you might encounter in an interview.

Targeted feedback
We'll provide you with targeted feedback and useful tips to help you improve your performance in the interview process, so you can steal the show when you're in a real interview.
Video simulation
You will receive a video simulation of the interview so that you can study your performance in the time you want, identify your weak points and improve yourself.
interview simulation leadcompass - super candidate
Job LeadCompass - super candidate

Everything you need to know about Job search!

Most candidates are only aware of published advertisements, but these are only 10-15% of the actual open positions on the market and the chance of finding a job from advertisements alone is only 2%. In our training you will learn:

How do employers select staff?

What are the 10 steps employers take to recruit staff? Posting ads is the 0th step employers take and for him they only account for 10-15% of actual job openings.

How do I approach employers without an advertisement?

You learn all the options and alternative methods to approach potential employers in your field of interest without necessarily having an open job.

How to organise my job search process?
How I organise the job search process and how I manage my applications for all possible recruitment stages that the company and job I am interested in may have.
Preparation guide and additional supporting material
You will receive preparation guides, support materials and anything else we think might help you. These will be your support to prepare yourself properly so that you can dramatically increase your chances of getting the job you want.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the cost of the programme?

The Super Candidate program has different packages depending on the amount of experience of each candidate. The value of the program is shaped according to the experience of the participant as it shapes the expertise required for the program. There is the possibility of up to 50% discount. You can contact us on 2313 068 480 to find out more.

What is the delivery time of the whole project?

The total duration of the programme is determined based on the availability of the counsellor in combination with the necessity of the person concerned. The programme can be completed within 1 to 3 weeks.

Am I entitled to a discount if I have already done any of the modules with you?

Yes, if you have already done some of our services with us you are entitled to an additional discount. You can contact us at 2313 068 480 to inform you of the additional discount you are entitled to.

How much do the services cost?

We recommend that you do all the services of the program for maximum results! However, if you only want specific services we can tailor a customized package exclusively for your needs by calling 2313 068 480.

Can I change the order of the modules according to my needs?

We suggest that you do the modules in the order we have organized them for best results. However, if you are in a hurry e.g. writing your CV because you want to make an application, then we can prioritise the modules.

How are the modules listed in the programme delivered?

All our trainings are delivered remotely by Zoom call, it is also possible to do it with your preferred app. In our post-call services we offer support material after the call, we send it to your email and support you with any questions that arise.

How do I deliver my resume, cover letter and LinkedIn?

You send us your current CV if you have one and fill in a detailed questionnaire that we send to your email for additional information. Then if the consultant needs additional information or clarification, they contact you. Everything is in 100% editable format for future changes. When they are ready you review them with the consultant for any changes and clarifications.

In what format do I receive my CV and cover letter?

The resume and letter are written in uniform designs created by professional graphic designers. We send them to you in PDF and 100% editable PowerPoint or Word format.

Is there support if I request changes to my CV, cover letter or LinkedIn?

Yes, there is free support for resume, cover letter and LinkedIn renewal changes even 1 month after delivery. If you want to update, the information in the future then we take care of it at a very affordable offer.

Is there support if I request changes to my CV, cover letter or LinkedIn?

Yes, that's why we offer the ikigai module at the beginning of the program and why it's an individual career counseling program. Depending on the results of Ikigai, we tailor and target all subsequent modules exclusively on your needs.

How is payment for services made?

We have 3 different ways of repayment depending on your needs:

  • Deposit or Transfer of money to a Bank (Piraeus)
  • Payment via Revolut 
  • Payment via Paypal

*There is the possibility of up to 3 interest-free instalments.

With successes in over 30 countries and 1,000 candidates who have won a job, we are ready to help you!


Rising Star

​0-1 Years of Experience
  • A 7-module career program for competitive job readiness
  • CV, Cover Letter, LinkedIn, Interview Prep & Simulation, Job Search Techniques
  • Direct writer messaging
- 30% OFF

Executive Trailblazer

​16-29 Years of Experience
  • A 7-module career program for competitive job readiness
  • CV, Cover Letter, LinkedIn, Interview Prep & Simulation, Job Search Techniques
  • Direct writer messaging
- 30% OFF

Career Accelerator

​2-6 Years of Experience
  • A 7-module career program for competitive job readiness
  • CV, Cover Letter, LinkedIn, Interview Prep & Simulation, Job Search Techniques
  • Direct writer messaging
- 30% OFF

Industry Luminary

​30+ Years of Experience
  • A 7-module career program for competitive job readiness
  • CV, Cover Letter, LinkedIn, Interview Prep & Simulation, Job Search Techniques
  • Direct writer messaging
- 30% OFF

Leadership Navigator

​7-15 Years of Experience
  • A 7-module career program for competitive job readiness
  • CV, Cover Letter, LinkedIn, Interview Prep & Simulation, Job Search Techniques
  • Direct writer messaging
- 30% OFF

*Academic and MedPro*

A premium service catering to all
education and healthcare professionals.
  • A 7-module career program for competitive job readiness
  • CV, Cover Letter, LinkedIn, Interview Prep & Simulation, Job Search Techniques
  • Direct writer messaging