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Translate your cover letter into the language you wish or required by the job or postgraduate application. 

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LeadCompass team is an expert and working with them is a remarkable experience. If you are wishing for a successful start to your career, LeadCompass is the only name I would suggest!

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Professional translation of a Cover Letter

Our career consultants work with expert translators to ensure that you receive a professional translation that meets your needs.

Translation into Greek

Your personal consultant will translate your cover letter from English, German or French into Greek.

Translation into English

Your personal consultant will translate your cover letter from Greek, German or French into English.

Translation into German

Your personal consultant will translate your cover letter from Greek, English or French into German.

Translation into French

Your personal consultant will translate your cover letter from Greek, English or German into French.


How do we translate your cover letter?

∆See in detail the procedure we follow to translate your cover letter.

You send us via email the cover letter you want us to translate in word, power point or pdf format and let us know in which language you want it translated.

Your personal consultant will translate your cover letter into the language you want within 1-15 days depending on your needs.

Once the translation is completed, your personal adviser will send your translated cover letter to your mailbox so that you can use it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much does it cost to translate the cover letter? What is the price?
The cost of translating the cover letter is calculated on the basis of the number of words the special adviser is asked to translate and the relevant language he wishes to translate it into.
How is the service paid for?

Payment for the service must be made before the date and time of the training is set. 

We have 3 different ways of repayment depending on your needs:

  • Deposit or Transfer of money to a Bank (Piraeus)
  • Payment via Revolut 
  • Payment via Paypal
Can I edit the translated cover letter I receive?

The translated CV you will receive will be 100% editable in Microsoft PowerPoint or Word format. Therefore, you can make any modifications or updates you want in the future without any financial burden.

Can my cover letter be translated into a new template?
We can translate your cover letter and place all your information in a new template of your own or by using one of the cover letter templates provided by LeadCompass. The above service contains an additional financial charge which you can find out about by registering your interest and reviewing your needs.

With successes in over 30 countries and 1,000 candidates who have won a job, we are ready to help you!


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